I recently joined the Facebook page of the Thames & Field Mudlarks. I have met and chatted with quite a few mudlarks in my time with the TDP, and I think we have all marvelled at their finds, but it was when I learned that much of this is done ‘eyes only’ with no expensive equipment, that I got seriously interested. I soon found on the T&F site that here were friendly, like minded individuals, and I was soon happily swapping information and photographs with them.
My own relationship with/access to the Thames is pretty much ideal; I live within easy walking distance of it, but I am up a very steep hill and downstream from the Thames barrier. I can access pretty much anywhere on it using the bus/rail/DLR/tube network and it doesn’t cost me anything (one of the very few benefits of being an Older Person). It was for this reason that I wanted to broaden my opportunities to engage with the Thames foreshore, possibly in a less structured way than I had done hitherto.
After a few false starts, finally an opportunity presented itself to join them on the foreshore last Sunday. I have a body less well adapted than most to getting up early in the morning, but the promise was clear sunny weather after a fortnight (it seemed much longer) of rain and misery. We met at The Banker pub and furtled our way upstream to Blackfriars. Eveyone was friendly and helpful, James even bought us coffee, just as well, by that time my hands were getting a bit frozen!
As I had suspected, Mudlarks have a very different way of working to archaeologists, and some ingrained habits (like photographing structures) were dying hard. Later in the week I was to meet Steve Brooker at the Thames and Field club meet and now I have some leads to follow to get some finds maybe worthy of registration!
Finds were a bit scarce on Sunday, but the weather was glorious, so for the rest, I will let the pictures tell the story.

Glorious Morning!

Glorious Morning!

foreshore in the forground

Downstream to London Bridge- foreshore in the foreground

Blackfriars Bridge
Fluted pipe bowl, post med pots, imported German ware (C17)

Fluted pipe bowl, post med pots, imported German ware (C17)

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