just challenged me to answer some questions, so here goes;
Who are you and what do you like about blogging?
I’m Jan Drew and I’m currently enjoying a semi- retired existence, discovering skills I never knew I had, some of them didn’t even exist when I was wondering what to do when I grew up, but it might have spared me some grief if they had! I think of myself these days mainly as an archaeologist, I’m a member of Thames Discovery, where I met mooseandhobbes aka Sunny, who has given me this challenge. I also have a couple of volunteer jobs, one with Museum of London Archaeology where I archive stuff, and one at Firepower Museum where I am a gallery attendant and tour guide. I also have  this blog, some people might think I stray off topic now and then, to them I say, by Greenwich I mean Royal Borough of, not just the place with the Cutty Sark and National Maritime Museum, furthermore, have they noticed the words ‘and stuff’? I like blogging because it allows me to be creative, express my feelings, use my brain and link up with other people all at the same time.
What is the most popular post on your blog?
The most popular post is one I wrote last year about ’The End of the Season on the Foreshore’. There is a sad note to this, though. The most frequent search term was ‘Graham Kenlin’. Graham was the Finds Director at MOLA, but he was also a lovely man I met many times on the foreshore, and he encouraged me and taught me so much that I will always count him as a major influence on my career in archaeology. Sadly, he died last year, and I guess people were looking up my picture of him at the Thames Festival event we did at the Tower of London last summer. So I guess I’ll add it here as a tribute

Graham Kenlin

How do you decide what to post about?
Completely random. Like the time it was my birthday and I had promised myself a treat of a trip to HMS Belfast. I wasn’t well enough to go, so I put up a picture of Belfast anyway.
HMS Belfast
Do you have a post which you hesitated before posting because it was just too random/dodgy/libellous?
What is your favourite local or specialist museum? The smaller and more random the better
Firepower! in Woolwich, I work there as a volunteer, and I really think people don’t realise until they’ve been, just what a wide- ranging collection it is.
How would you encourage someone who doesn’t like museums to visit the aforementioned museum?
There are local attractions in themselves worth seeing, like the Royal Arsenal, the Thames Path, an excellent pub called the Dial Arch which is located in a historic Arsenal building, you can access the site by all forms of public transport including Thames Clipper…….
What is your earliest museum memory?
My dad taking me to the Science Museum, and passing on his enthusiasm (which was really infectious) for motor vehicles and internal combustion engines of all kinds including steam trains…….
What was the last museum you visited and what did you see?
Hampton Court. Amongst other things I looked at the new Chocolate Kitchen and the Great Hall, which I missed out on last time. When I like a place, I become a ‘serial visitor’ and although I’ve been several times, I can’t wait to go back to the RAF museum at Hendon.
Have you ever seen an exhibit in a museum that you felt (or came close to feeling) should not have been displayed (or displayed differently)?

Not really.I’m not easily offended, and I think people take more care these days anyway,
If you could live in a museum which one who you choose?
Depends how you define the term ‘museum’. Some Royal Palaces are included in this term, and the home comforts and facilities in those will surely be better than those in purpose built museums. I do remember being taken to visit the Bowes Museum several times as a child, and thinking it would be really wicked to live there. Then again, if I lived in a period cottage at Weald and Downland I could do living history all the time…..
What’s the oddest search term that has led people to your blog?
Got to be “What is green beam of light near the O2?” The answer to this question appears in the blog I wrote describing a journey home from work late at night on the DLR no, not off topic, this journey terminates at Woolwich Arsenal which is in the Royal Borough of Greenwich…..

I’ve also been asked to include my best blog image, so here it is.

Not the prettiest, or the most popular, just simply (I think) THE BEST.

If you’d like a challenge, ask mooseandhobbes(her link is above)

Oh, and as I’ve taken a rather free approach to the word ‘museum’ you are allowed to take a rather free approach to the questions.

Include the BEST BLOG image in your post, and link back to the person who nominated you (that would be me, or this blog post).
Devise eleven new questions – or feel free to keep any of these ones here if you like them – and pass them on to how ever many bloggers you would like to.

Good luck 😀
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