It’s been quite a while since I last posted anything. That’s because my life these days has a habit of getting complicated, things turning up when I least expect them, like the friend who asked me along to hear her talk about Roman London, I have to add this was at the Spring Equinox in a medieval church tower in Hackney with a lovely bunch of Pagan arty folk, who were displaying their art in said tower. and I were blown away by it all, but I only had a phone with me, so the pictures I took weren’t great, however I include some of them as I think they are atmospheric. Sunny’s talk went down a storm as well!

St Augustine's Tower in Hackney

Church Clock

Witchy Artwork


I have also been on a 9- week volunteer project with Museum of London Archaeology, learning to be an archivist. Great fun it was too, if you have a mind which likes ordering things ( and I do!), hope to be doing more of this.

Then there was the fieldwork and FROG training down at Greenwich with Thames Discovery. Lots of enthusiastic new FROGs, exciting finds and new discoveries……

'FROGscape' at Greenwich

New Cruxiform Feature

Find- Fish net weight?

After all the excitement had died down, a notice then cropped up on the Thames Discovery social site that the MOLA team currently excavating Sipson’s Farm out near Heathrow had vacancies for volunteer diggers, so I volunteered, and turned up this week when it started.It’s a huge multi period site, and the excavation has been going for some time now, involving not just MOLA but also Wessex Archaeology. I was a bit nervous that I might get lost once I left the comfort of the Tube network, but I needn’t have been, as the instructions I’d been given on how to get there were very clear. Although it took me a while to get used to being up so close and personal with such VERY big planes!

Up to now when I have been involved with digs, I have been clearing away fairly loose soil to reveal foundations of buildings. Here I am cutting sections, scraping out the fill to reveal the shape of the feature, and the earth is very compacted, so much so that one of the first things I learned was how to use a mattock! Still, by the end of the day my section was looking clean, so I was really pleased. I look forward to returning to this dig whenever the opportunity arises!

My section


 trenches and MOLA site hut.trenches and markings.