Not the most promising start for me at Greenwich today. Larry and I attacked the trench we’d been digging yesterday. We went down quite a long way but still just dry dust and lots of big, hard pebbles. We struggled on until lunch time, when Graham gave us the glad news that we could start on a more promising trench further up the hill. One of the park staff had found the remains of a penknife with a wooden handle up there yesterday, so we were keen to see if it was going to yield any more similar finds. We spent lunchtime eating lunch (of course) but after some fun and games with a squirrel_MG_7034

Larry took one of the few images we have of the Keeper’s Cottage, and tried comparing one of the local trees to a tree in the picture. It wasn’t easy, because the tree has been heftily pruned, but there does seem to be a resemblance10372854_705227742877975_2685520496187595025_o

This is the tree with a small invasion of local school children. Very hey, nonny nonny!

After lunch we attacked the new trench. There seemed to be a clearly defined feature in it, so we scraped away energetically until Hey Presto! I found a coin. Not very ancient, 1944, but a coin nonetheless. We soon noticed a darker, moister layer surrounding the tree roots, and as we dug down, finds started to emerge, at first slowly, and then much faster. Mainly building materials and domestic refuse such as china, glass and bone. The feature (probably a ditch) just continued to go down, and at time of writing, we still haven’t reached the bottom! Down at the pump feature they also had a coin find (1916) and so much glass it seems the pump supplied water to refresh visitors to the Park rather than animals. Exciting day, looking forward to tomorrow!