The number of orange- fenced off areas in Greenwich Park seem to be growing by the day! When I got there today the count had reached about 7 and one team of volunteer diggers had been and gone even though it was only mid- day!

Today was sunny all through with a breeze to stop things getting unbearable. Life got in my way yet again, so I started too late to continue working in the trench which proved so exciting yesterday, so I helped to clean out a new trench which, though not quite as prolific, had an interesting selection of building materials, domestic rubble such as china and glass shards, and coal…….lots of it. Chimney or coal bunker? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, at the bottom of what was now quite a deep trench, Larry had found what appeared to be a foundation wall made of piled up local flint. This is getting more interesting by the day! I have attempted to recruit another digger for the next two days and I shall be staying on myself, in the hopes we can get more done. Volunteers for this dig seem to be seriously under strength. As this is a three year project, I already have plans for raising a better volunteer force for next year….._MG_7048