This is what Greenwich looked like first thing this morning. Dull, overcast, but on the whole it looked as though we could get a reasonable amount of work done on the dig. A friend had  come over to help out, and so we set to with a will cleaning off one of Graham’s test areas. Soon we had revealed a man made surface of pebbles, these were packed tightly and graded for size, resembling a cobbled road, or more importantly, the structure Larry found yesterday in another pit. This gave way to a smoother surface, then that gave way to a damper, darker surface. It all looked very promising, but while we’d been working it had started to rain. Not in itself a problem, but then it started to get heavy, so we retreated.

When it got heavy, some of us decided to go to The Pavilion Cafe  to have coffee and see if it cleared.


But it just went on, so we had to call it a day.

Since there’s not a lot of action to report, I thought I’d introduce the object of our endeavors, the Keeper’s Cottage itself.


This is a picture of it. It was pulled down in 1855, but before that it had been around for about 200 years as a residence and base of operations for the keeper of the animals in the park. Here is a link to the report on the last dig which was done in 2010, which explains in more detail.


Now let’s hope it stops raining so we can complete tomorrow!