Day 5, the final day at Greenwich, did NOT dawn bright and clear, but by the time I got to the park, the rain had stopped, and all the trenches bar one (see above) had dried out and were BLISSFULLY easy to work compared with the rest of the week. Larry had apparently hit the water table at the bottom of his pit,  and things were going so well in our trench I had to ask Alison, who was cutting down the trench with a spade,to slow up so I could keep pace clearing the spoil and finds. This has been quite a productive trench, and today amongst other things we found two bricks, one red one yellow- just like the bricks in the park wall as one of the managers from Royal Parks remarked. We also found iron nails and latches, making me wonder if this had been a forge,  given that coal was plentiful in the area.


Larry Explains the Dig

Then life got in the way. Larry had a meeting to attend, and I got called away to deal with stuff which had arisen at home. By the time I got back, our friends from the Greenwich Park management team were happily digging away, indeed one of them had come prepared in wellies and overalls! On the whole it’s been a great little dig, I have thoroughly enjoyed it, and I look forward to taking part when Graham and Kathy come back next year. If anyone would like to have a look at the dig, Graham and Kathy will be back in the Park next week, supervising children’s activities, processing the spoil and finds.