Three images from the final day of fieldwork at the Tower of London. The FROG recording the area round the ferry terminal, the survey team from MOLA recording and surveying the Tower Bridge end of the foreshore. And Mudlarks doing what mudlarks do. In this instance this included finding a large stone ball, clearly a cannon ball or a projectile for a trebuchet! In the picture you can also see the barrage material put in place to help arrest further erosion.

Last night was a night of storms and thunder directly over London and incredibly noisy! Despite this the day dawned bright, sunny, and very hot. However I woke up almost unable to move and had to take pain killers to get myself moving. But after the events of yesterday I was determined to make it to the Tower for the last day of the fieldwork, even if I was late. And I was. But all this meant was that as all the tasks had been allocated, I could wander round the site taking photographs to be used as records and publicity to be shared on social media. As I had my walking stick with me I was happily able to poke around and I located some nice finds, including the beard of a Bartman, and an early clay pipe bowl:


The Tower beach this year has been very good for Delftware shards as well. As well as taking photographs of the foreshore, the river traffic,


and the activity on the foreshore,


I sat down in the cool area under the ferry stairs, and tweeted stuff and put stuff on Facebook to record for posterity what a great time we’d had out there. This whole area is one of the most iconic in London, and one of the great things about being a Thames FROG is we get to work in iconic places!IMG_7135